Watching lecture videos faster using Python

Watching lecture videos faster using Python

Dear Readers,

Due to the continuing restrictions caused by the Covid-19 virus, I learn from many students that universities are increasingly switching to digital teaching for the coming semester. In order to make the amount of lecture videos more bearable for you as a student, I would like to introduce you to a technical solution with which you can shorten the duration of the lecture videos.

How the algorithm works

The following YouTube video explains in detail how this procedure works:

Automatic on-the-fly video editing tool!
“Automatic on-the-fly video editing tool!” by carykh

Test of the algorithm

In order to test this algorithm, I downloaded an episode of the Tagesschau (a German daily news broadcast) and let the algorithm run on this video. I do not want to withhold the result from you. You can decide for yourself how well the algorithm works. Please note how compact the daily news broadcast is and how much of the video material could still be filtered out.

Tagesschau from the 2nd of April 2020 (optimized)

Tagesschau vom 02.04.2020 aber ohne Sprechpausen

Tagesschau from the 2nd of April 2020 (removed video footage)

Tagesschau vom 02.04.2020 aber niemand spricht



The picture of this post is provided by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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